For the 15 annual velo rally Drag – Cherni Vruh in the Cross Country discipline.

Declaration of Participation – .doc (32KB) – Must be filled out by every participant when registering and paying the fee .

  1. Organizer:

Drag Cycling Club

The race will be held on 29.09.2018 /Saturday/

The start and final location will be in front of the Boyansko Hanche on 29.09.2018

  1. Fee and registering for the competition:

The fee for taking part in the competition is 30 leva. You may register and pay your fee at the DragZone Bulgaria store in Sofia, Bulgaria Blvd., block 7А. You must also fill in and submit the ‘Declaration of Participation’ at the same time. Your race number will be handed to you when registering.

You must have insurance for mountain sports.

Last deadline for registering and paying the fee is 16:00 h on 19.09.201. After that the registration fee is 40 leva.

  1. Race Programme


– 7: 45 – 8:45 – Meeting point Boyansko Hanche.

– 9.00 – Start – Boyansko Hanche

– 16.30 – Final

– 17.30 – Awards

Insurance is mandatory.

  1. Checkpoints and Map

– 11:15 Golden Bridges (“Zlatni Mostove”)

– 11:45 Momina Skala

– 14:30 Cherni Vruh peak

– 15:30 Kumata Hut

– 16:30 Momina Skala

– 17:00 Final Boyana

  1. Requirements:

The race is organized according to the regulations of the World Bicycle Federation of Mountain Biking.

All participants are obliged to:

  • Be equipped with a helmet and gloves.
  • Sign the declaration attesting their good health and cycling skills.
  • Participate with a properly functioning bicycle.
  • Have adequate insurance /mountain insurance/.
  • We recommend that every participant should have a cell phone with a fully charged battery in case of accidents.
  • All participants under 16 years old must provide a written declaration from a parent /signed by the parent at registration or in front of the team leader /.
  • Follow all traffic rules and regulations .
  • Pass through every checkpoint (participant s who do not pass though all checkpoints will not have their time included in the rank ing and will lose the right to qualify).
  • Ride only on the marked track.
  • Pay the participation fee.

The participants must finish the race with the same bike that they have started with!

  1. Categories:

● MJU19: Men Juniors U19
● МЕN19+: Men ЕLITE 19+
● MM40+: Masters 40+

● WJU19: Women Juniors U19
● W19+: Women 19+
● WM: Women Masters 40+


If one category has less than 5 people the organizers reserve the right to include them in another group’s ranking.

  1. Ranking and prizes :

The ranking is separate for individual and team racers. All teams must pass the checkpoint with less than two minutes difference in the given time. If not the racers’ times will be considered only in the individual ranking.

Deadline for registration is 16:00 h, 19 September 2018 .

The registration point is DragZone Bulgaria store, address: Sofia, Bulgaria Blvd., block 7А, tel. /02/ 859 11 23